How To Handle Success: 5 Important Things To Do After You Succeed

July 27, 2017

All of us have dreams, ideas and goals we want to accomplish and we all want to be successful in things we do. We all know becoming successful is not easy. It takes courage, persistence, determination and a lot of hard work. When we go through all of this and achieve well-deserved success, we often get too carried away with results and forget our true purpose. In this article we want to list 5 important things that we all should do after success that many people fail to do.

1. Shut up about it

Most common step people take after success (usually small success) is bragging about it. Self-proclaimed CEOs or “entrepreneurs” who think it is their duty to share opinion about everything from politics to the world problems. All of this is the sign of insecurity or lack of confidence about their own results. Even though they have achieved some success, they are not confident about it and try to act like it. Fully confident people do not talk about every problem, they just quietly try to solve it in their best abilities. Similarly, they do not show off their success and try to prove others that they are successful. They are just busy with themselves and do not care about the titles that other people may give them. So the first thing you should do after you succeed is do not show off. Just do what you were doing, work on yourself and do not worry if people will know about your success or not. It does not matter.

2. Celebrate

Once you manage to shut up about your success, the next important thing is to reward yourself for coming this far and achieving success. When we keep working without any result or even after we achieve some milestone, we lose the taste of success. Rewarding ourselves gives us the feeling of achievement and as a result, our body generates chemical called dopamine that makes us feel fulfilled and happy. This tricks our body and makes us want more dopamine. Consequently, it boosts our energy and drives us to do more and achieve more. That is why it is important to celebrate even our smallest success and feel the taste of achievement.

Here is a great video about feeling achievement.

3. Get back to work

After succeeding, we should not go overboard celebrating our success. Once we refill our energy and motivation, it is time to get back to work and move towards the next goal or milestone. If we celebrate long enough, we will get used to it and develop a habit of “partypreneur” who parties more than they achieve. Or if we don’t get back to work soon enough, we will get satisfied with our result and become comfortable. We can find lots of examples of people who once achieved great results but now are satisfied with their current conditions and do not stretch themselves no more. All they do now is to tell that they have made it or talk about what they used to do. Those people will no longer improve themselves and gradually go back to mediocrity. That is why we should not settle for what we have achieved. We should constantly raise the bar and keep improving ourselves. Because as long as we are living, we got more work to do, more things to learn and more people to help.

4. Share your lessons and experience

Achieving our goals and getting everything we want is enjoyable. What is more enjoyable is to inspire and help others to do the same. When we touch people’s lives, help them grow and achieve their greatness; that is when we leave a legacy. Therefore, once we have enough experience, it is important to pass on the lessons we have learned to other people and inspire them to follow their passions and reach their potential. As Tom Peters says, “Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.”

5. Keep the balance

Finally, we should not forget why we are doing this and who we are doing it all for. Probably all entrepreneurs get started with the purpose of providing better life for their families. Hence, once they start to achieve success and build wealth, they get lost in the “game” and forget about their initial purpose, which is their family. We may spend more time on our business when we are getting started, but completely sacrificing family relations for our business is losing the balance. It is becoming captive to our own situation. In the end, the most memorable moments are those that we enjoy spending with our families, children and friends.

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