6 Things You Should Never Tell Anyone

July 26, 2017

Success in our life depends on different factors, but some people and practices state that disclosing some certain information to wrong people may prevent success coming to our life. We have listed 6 crucial things you should not tell others.

1. Your success

Telling your success to others may awaken their secret envy towards you. When sharing your success and achievements with your friends or colleagues, you should be very careful because not all people are able to sincerely feel happy for your success. That’s why it is better to keep your success, achievement and happiness to yourself and show them only to those people that you truly trust.

2. Your failure and mistakes

Failures and mistakes are also better not to make them public. In your circle, you may have people who may secretly be happy for your failures. In my own experience, I had people (family) who tried to help me and lift me up after my failures and people (colleagues and boss) who claimed that they have warned me before, that I could not make it, and that they were right. When you fail and tell about it, those certain people will try to bring you down and convince you not to make any more efforts towards your dreams. Les Brown once said about telling your failures to others: 80% of people don’t care and 50% glad it’s you.

3. Dreams, goals and plans

Your family and your closest friends may help you and support you to achieve your dreams. However, there may be some people who will try to prevent you from achieving your dreams. Most of the times when you try to accomplish something big, people will tell you that it is not possible. Sometimes it is because they don’t believe you can do it. Sometimes they are afraid that you will do it. When I shared my dreams and plans, I’ve experienced people trying to give me wrong advices and trying to delay my plans by any means. And I don’t know how many other people secretly hoped that I will not make it.

4. Family and relationship

Family and relationship is your personal life and it should be kept personal. Telling about your family and relationship problems to other people will first, make you look insecure and secondly, it will further damage your relationships.

5. Financial condition and earning

Sharing your earning and financial condition is not recommended at all. In fact, you should never disclose any information related to “numbers”, such as, prices, salary, shares, profits, revenues and etc. Sharing this information does not bring you any benefit and it will attract negative people to you with negative purposes and thoughts.

6. Fears

Maybe worst of all, you should never tell others your fears unless you actually trust the person and confident that they will be able to help you. Telling your fears to people who won’t be able to help you is useless. Sometimes people may take advantage of your fears and use them against you or share your fears with others who have something against you. In any case, sharing your fears with others, except the ones who you trust does not benefit you at all.

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