5 Success Lessons We Can Learn From Nature

August 17, 2017

When pursuing our dreams and goals, we all listen to advices of successful people, study their life and learn their stories. However, many of us may not have thought that nature also can teach us success lessons. In this article, we want to list 5 lessons we can learn from nature about achieving what we want and becoming successful.

1. Lesson from a cub

The lesson we learn from cubs is practice. They don’t go to classes, they don’t study theories but learn everything from practice. They follow the elder and more experienced lions and learn from their actions. When we leave our comfort zone to follow our dreams, we can realize that majority of what we have learned at school are not useful in real life. In fact, some of them even work against us when we are living our life in our own terms. Therefore, most of the times in the beginning of our journey, we fail and make mistakes and eventually learn from those mistakes. That is why it helps us to practice, make more mistakes and learn from them as fast as possible. Also, it is important to surround ourselves with more experienced and successful people who can guide and teach us in the beginning.

2. Lesson from a fish

The lesson fish can teach us is going against the conventional wisdom. Fish swim against the current even if it is difficult for them. By doing so, they will be able to see and catch all the food coming with the flow. In life, living like everybody else, working at a 9-5 job may be easier and safer but we don’t realize the opportunities passing by. Just like swimming against the current, leaving our comfort zone and living our life in our own terms can be difficult. But it is the only way to fully take advantage of the opportunities that are coming to us and live in prosperity.

3. Lesson from a woodpecker

Woodpeckers teach us really valuable lessons of focus and persistence. The way they find and consume food is very unique. They feed on worms and insects living under bark and in wood. When looking for food, they don’t drill on different parts of the tree or strike and give up after several times. They pick and focus on one spot and strike their bill with great rapidity until they reach the food. Most important thing to highlight is that woodpeckers don’t pick the spot by guessing. They drum and hear the insects inside the tree and know where their food is before drilling to it.

When starting a business, most of the new entrepreneurs start without any analysis and studies. They just start by guessing, they try different things couple of times and give up when it does not work. Success in anything depends on our knowledge and expertise in what we do. Thus, it is important to do the things that we understand and that we are good at. When we know what we are doing, we most likely try the right things, pick the right spot, persistently go towards our goals and achieve them with confidence.

4. Lesson from a dog

The lesson we learn from dogs is giving and serving without expecting any return. Dogs guard our houses and love to play with us. They don’t think “first take me to your home and feed me then I will play”. They serve and give first and only then receive the same in return. That is the law of the universe, what we get depends on what we give. It has been claimed and proven by thousands of successful people. If we want to become successful, we should bring value to the community, we should help people and solve their problems. When we offer services or products that make people’s life better, then we will achieve success. And the size of our success depends on the size of a problem we are solving.

5. Lesson from a snake

Snakes can teach us the lesson of gratitude. They have no legs, no arms and they move by slithering. The don’t make this a huge deal and never complain about it. In fact, despite their “disabilities”, they are one of the most dangerous animals that many people are afraid of. When they don’t like themselves, they are open to change and don’t resist it. They just shed their skins and move on leaving their past behind.

Snakes can be example to many of us. Most people always focus on their weaknesses and constantly complain about them. Everybody has some limitations and nobody is perfect. But the most successful ones focus on their strengths rather than complaining about their weaknesses. Also, successful people are open to change. Unlike everyone else, they are always ready to improve themselves and don’t resist change when they are required to.

In this little humorous article, we tried to teach some success lessons with natural examples. The point we want to make is that even the ordinary things around us can teach us great lessons about life and success. If these facts made you ponder a little bit and taught you something new, then our intention is fulfilled.

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