10 Myths About Making Money And Becoming Rich

October 04, 2017

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Many people stay poor because they have wrong understanding of money and how money works. In order to become rich, we need to first learn about money and should not be misled by false beliefs about money. In this article, we have listed 12 myths people believe about making money.

1. If I have chosen profitable career, I would be rich

There are millionaire in all spheres and fields. Success does not depend on the career of a person or the field of the business. No matter in what field the business may operate, it can be successful if it is the best in the field.

2. If my parents were rich, I would also be rich

Majority of wealth people have earned their wealth on their own. Most of them were born and raised in poor or middle class families and achieved success with their efforts and hard work.

3. If I had a certain degree, I would be able to earn money

A lot of millionaires are college dropouts and don’t have any degree. Becoming rich does not depend on some kind of formal education. It all depends on practical lessons that are learned by doing things and making mistakes. In fact, many educated people with degrees actually for some organization as an employee.

4. If I was at the right place and the right time, I would be able to catch the opportunity and become rich

Millionaires don’t become rich by luck or by chance. It does not depend on one lucky event or chance that will make you rich and change your life. We should always look for new opportunities and work towards making our ideas happen.

5. If the economy of my country was better, I would be rich

There are millionaire in every country and in every community. In every community and country, people always have certain problems or inconveniences and opportunities lie in solving those problems. The profit depends on the size of the problem and the amount of people who have that problem.

6. If I didn’t have family or social responsibility, I would be rich

We all have different forms of responsibilities all the time. The fact that we have family should cannot be the reason for not becoming rich. In fact for many people it is the main reason why they become rich. They want to become rich and provide better life for their family and their family is their greatest motivation.

7. If there were opportunities to make money, I would be rich

Opportunities do not come once in a lifetime. There are always lots of different opportunities around us. The secret is to always look for new opportunities and stay ready to take them. Or even better, become creative and make new opportunities.

8. If the government, employer or family created good conditions, I would be rich

Waiting others to do something for you to become rich is wrong. The world will not work towards making everything happen for you. You have to accomplish your goals yourself. In fact, when you are going towards your goals, everything will work against you. The things will not work out, your plans will fail and the people you expected help from will not be there for you. Everything solely depends on you, your belief, your passion, your efforts and your determination.

9. If I had decent amount of money, I would invest it and become rich

It doesn’t take money to make money. You don’t have to have certain amount of money in order to start a business, create a product or launch a startup. Many successful entrepreneurs started from scratch and achieved success. When you make something useful that people want, investors will come to you asking to take their money.

10. If I work hard, I will be rich

Working hard does not make you rich. There are lots of poor people who work hard every day. You should your passion and build business based on that. Then you can work hard towards making it happen. This can lead you to wealth and success. Just working hard at a 9-5 job won’t make you rich.

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